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About The White Tops

January, 2003 marks the start of our 76th year of publishing The White Tops. As a CFA member, you will receive six issues a year of The White Tops, the official magazine of the CFA. In addition to organizational information, The White Tops contains columns about current circus acts, show locations, managment shifts, marketing strategies, births and deaths. It is resplendent with articles about the illustrious history of the circus, including the greatest performers, famous acts and feats, logistical facts and figures, management and marketing, and the shows of yesteryear.

You will learn more about such personalities as P.T. Barnum, the Ringling Brothers, Emmett Kelly, Lillian Leitzel, Clyde Beatty, Mabel Stark, the Wallendas, the Zacchinis, the Cristianis and some you may never even have heard of, such as Zazel, Barbette, Farini, and Jules Leotard! The White Tops also keeps you up to date with the circus of today, including reviews, locations, current circus acts and personalities from Gunther Gebel Williams to Miguel Vasquez!